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RYBA Renatewww.guide-shiatsu.atrenate.ryba@hotmail.com

My professional credentials are:

  • licensed Austria guide
  • graduated Hara-Shiatsu pracititioner
  • a native Austrian
  • divorced, with two grown up children


Tours 2010

  • Walking Tour [maximum 2 hours by foot]
  • Half Day Tour [maximum 3 hours]

Conditions of Cancellation:

  • No fees for cancellation when tour is cancelled two weeks or more before the date of the tour.
  • 50% of the applicable tourist guide fees for cancellation when cancelled from three days to two weeks before the tour.
  • 100% of the applicable tourist guide fee for cancellation when cancelled three days or less from the date of the tour.

Please indicate with your order confirmation any wishes for indoor visits or museums, since many museums ask for reservations in advance. Entrance fees are not included in the fee of the tour.


Important Points for Booking Enquiries

  • Please note that bookings can be secured only when all the details are confirmed in writing by you and me.
  • Please also take note to provide me with the following information (as appropriate):
  • Your name,
  • the name of the group,
  • the telephone number where you can be reached on the day of the tour and on the evening before - if you do not have a mobile phone operational in Austria please give the phone number of your hotel in Austria.
  • Please specify the weekday, date, starting time, and duration of the tour.
  • Please specify also the exact meeting time and meeting point (for example, at the lobby or reception area of your hotel, or a prominent and easy to find location in the Vienna area).
  • Payment is in cash at the beginning of the tour or by SWIFT bank transfer in advance. Checks and credit cards are not accepted.
  • Please indicate the approximate number of participants.
  • Please indicate any special wishes concerning, for example, museums (many museums require reservation for groups), meals, etc.
  • Any extra costs for special wishes will be dealt with separately.

Walking tours in Baden


  • Meeting point is the Tourist Information Office in the Leopoldsbad in Baden Brusattiplatz, or, upon request, the Train Station (Bahnhof Baden), the Badnerbahn Terminus, or the hotel lobby in the centre of Baden.

Old Town Walk Baden

Special Theme Walking Tours in Baden

  • "Wiener Melange"- Vienna coffeehouses in Baden
  • Baden: Amorous and Amusing Short Stories
  • Baden and Music

Hiking tours see Active Tours


Tours in Vienna

karlskirche quer

  • Vienna Walking Tours
  • Vienna Bus Tours

for special wishes please send me a mail.


Vienna Walking Tours


  • Maximum 2 hours by foot.
  • Possible to combine with public transportation (fares not included).
  • Groups may consist of up to 30 persons.
  • No entrance fees included.
  • Meeting point is the Tourist Information Office on the Albertina Platz (or the lobby of your hotel).

Vienna and MusicOld ViennaVienna and Art Nouveau (Jugendstil)


Vienna Tours by Bus


  • Includes the possibility of a walkabout, inside visit of museum or castle (entrance fees not included), photo stops etc.
  • Reservation for groups is necessary.

Architecture in ViennaImperial Vienna and the Habsburgs


Lower Austria and other Provinces / Bundesländer


Wienerwald - Vienna Woods


Photo: Cistercian monastery Heiligenkreuz

Vienna Woods from Baden

gebirgaufschiessen gumpolds

In general all tours last

  • a minimum of eight (8) hours and sometimes longer, so please contact me for the prices.
  • entrance fees not included.


Burgenland - Eisenstadt

Very close to the metropolis of Vienna there is a totally different landscape which invites you for a visit: The Burgenland (country of ancient fortresses) and its capital Eisenstadt, with the castle of the Esterhazys. Other interesting sights are the Bergkirche (mountain church) with the mausoleum of Haydn, the museum of Haydn and the Jewish museum.

Neusiedlersee (Lake of Neusiedl)

The endorheic lake with its reeds invites you to take a little break. Take the ship on Lake Neusiedlersee, get an idea of the romantic "Puszta", enjoy lunch in Rust where the storks live in summer, take the horse coach throughout reeds and vineyards, taste one of the delicious wines of the area and you want to stay longer.


SalzburgOther Individual Tours

For special tours on topics like history, culture, architecture, history of art, lifestyle in Austria, culinary journeys, seasonal topics, beside the beaten tracks, by bike (see active tours) or by coach, etc, please contact me and tell me your wishes.